Taking blood & singing the medicines through the streets. Cicatrix 1 (that which is taken/that which remains) by SJ Norman. Mannahatta, Lenapehoking-New York City, January 2019. Photos by Ricardo Martinez Roa.

I’m open to all and any invitations that excite me, especially creative collaborations, as well as commissions to write, speak, teach, and perform.°

That said, I have limited availability for the rest of 2020. I study full-time and work part-time, so I’ll likely say no to anything requiring too much time and energy – and I won’t do anything with less than a four week turnaround.

To protect my spirit from the ravages of exposure, I prioritise paid work and consultation (although I might make exceptions for blackfellas and mob orgs).

Please get in touch by filling out the form at the bottom of this page, or email mykaela dot saunders at gmail dot com.

° Amplifying Aboriginal voices is one good way to uplift our wisdom, and the best way to do this is to prioritise place-based experience over pan-Indigenous perspectives.

For event organisers and media, this means connecting with community people: seek out local Aboriginal spokespeople rather than blow-ins, build respectful relationships with them, and make sure their wisdom is accessible.

In this spirit, please follow this process when inviting me to speak from a cultural standpoint:

• First, consider whether you are looking for any Aboriginal voice, or my voice in particular.
• If any Aboriginal voice will do, honour the sovereignty of the people on whose lands the event will be held by offering this opportunity to any appropriate local people.
• If it’s my particular knowledge set you’re after, or if there are no suitable local mob available, consider creating a paid opportunity for a community member to speak at the event in addition to me.
• Ensure wider community inclusion by offering dedicated Aboriginal audience tickets to the event, and advertise this on all media releases.

I encourage all event organisers and media to commit to this process when seeking out Aboriginal voices.

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