Mykaela Saunders

As editor

THIS ALL COME BACK NOW: an anthology of First Nations speculative fiction, UQP, 2022

  • Overture (introduction to the anthology), Sydney Review of Books, 2022

Short fiction

Ocean Bikies Take Cyclone Season!, Imagine 2200 Editors’ Picks, Grist special series, 2023

Terranora, This All Come Back Now, UQP, 2022 & Collisions: Fictions of the Future, Liminal x Pantera Press, 2020

The Girls Home, Unlimited Futures: speculative, visionary, blak+black fiction, Fremantle Press, 2022

Warm Possibilities, (Story)…Loading, 2021

Resource Management, New Australian Fiction, Kill Your Darlings, 2021

River Story, Flock: First Nations stories then and now, UQP, 2021 & ABR 423, 2020

Fire Bug, National Indigenous Story Awards, 2020

Long Road Becoming, New Australian Fiction, Kill Your Darlings, 2020

Buried Time, Overland 234: Autumn, 2019


Choice Cuts, Best of Australian Poems Vol 2, 2022 & Overland 245: Summer, 2021

Rain and Blood, Openbook: Spring, 2022

Sandstone Academy, Best of Australian Poems Vol 1 & Rabbit 32: Form, 2021

Brother Ocean, Grieve 9: stories and poems of grief and loss, 2021

Campfire Constellations, Westerly 66.1, 2021

Apocalypse, then (and now, carbon lullabies), Rabbit 30: Long II, 2020

Small witch, a shield, Cordite 96: No Theme IX, 2020

Purging Words (eavesdrop, exhume), Rabbit 29: Lineages, 2019

For Cops Who Stalk Children on Houso Estates, Cordite 93: Peach, 2019

Grandmother Ghosts, Cordite 89: Domestic, 2019


Writing Goori Futures, Writing the Future essay series, Writing NSW, 2023

A Road Warrior, Commute essay series, Sydney Review of Books, 2022

Communing With Uncle Kev Through The Archives, 1991-2021, Against Disappearance: essays on memory, Liminal x Pantera Press, 2022

Stories of Our Dysfunction Have Been Greatly Exaggerated, Writing Gender essay series, Sydney Review of Books, 2022

Dear Future Mykaela / who are we now?, The Stories We Tell Ourselves, Spread the Word UK x Melbourne City of Literature, 2021

West Footscray Factory Fire (an apocalypse), The Victorian Writer: Oct-Nov, 2019

But You Don’t Look Aboriginal, Growing Up Indigenous in Australia, 2018 & The Stringer, 2014


Think of the Children! – review of Praiseworthy by Alexis Wright, Sydney Review of Books, 2023

Everywhen: against The Power of Now, Griffith Review 76: Acts of Reckoning, 2022

Skin in the Game – review of Another Day in The Colony by Chelsea Watego, Sydney Review of Books, 2022

TT Zion, Lost Tablets by Jan van Schaik, 2022

Everywhen in Everything: reading Carpentaria like an Aboriginal writer, Reading Like an Australian Writer, NewSouth Publishing, 2021

The Land is The Law: on climate fictions and relational thinking, Art + Australia 57.1: Multinaturalism, 2021

Research & scholarly work

Blackfella Futurism: speculative fiction grounded in grassroots sovereignty politics, The Routledge Handbook of CoFuturisms, 2023 (forthcoming)

Future Tweed: envisioning the possibilities of Bundjalung country, community and culture through speculative fiction, The Routledge Handbook of Australian Indigenous Peoples and Futures, 2023 (forthcoming)

Goori Futurism: envisioning the sovereignty of country, community and culture in the Tweed, Doctor of Arts (creative writing) short story collection and exegesis, University of Sydney, 2021

Literature Review – towards a best practise recovery program for Indigenous family and domestic violence, Wollumbin Family Support Inc, 2020

Goori Futurism: envisioning the sovereignty of Minjungbal-Nganduwal country, community and culture through speculative fiction, Science Fiction Research Association Review 330: Fall, 2019

Living and Dying Countries: ecocide, consciousness and agency in First Nations futurism, Postcolonial Studies Association Newsletter 21: Decolonising Speculative Fiction, 2018

Yarning with Minjungbal Women: transgenerational trauma and healing explored through relationships with country and culture, community and family, Master of Education (research) thesis, University of Sydney, 2014

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