L-R: Adam Thompson, Mykaela Saunders, Ellen van Neerven and Tony Birch. Sydney Writers Festival, May 2021.

As editor

THIS ALL COME BACK NOW: an anthology of First Nations speculative fiction, UQP, 2022 (forthcoming – available now for preorder)

Short fiction

The Girls Home, Unlimited Futures: speculative, visionary, blak+black fiction, Fremantle Press, 2022 (forthcoming)

Warm Possibilities, (Story)…Loading, 2021

Resource Management, Kill Your Darlings New Australian Fiction, 2021

River Story, Flock: First Nations stories, UQP, 2021 & ABR 423, 2020

Fire Bug, National Indigenous Story Awards, 2020

Terranora, Collisions: Fictions of the Future, Liminal x Pantera Press, 2020

Long Road Becoming, Kill Your Darlings New Australian Fiction, 2020

Buried Time, Overland 234: Autumn, 2019


Choice Cuts, Overland, 2021

Sandstone Academy, Best of Australian Poems Vol 1 & Rabbit 32: Form, 2021

Brother Ocean, Grieve 9: stories and poems of grief and loss, 2021

Campfire Constellations, Westerly 66.1, 2021

Apocalypse, then (and now, carbon lullabies), Rabbit 30: Long II, 2020

Small witch, a shield, Cordite 96: No Theme IX, 2020

Purging words (eavesdrop, exhume), Rabbit 29: Lineages, 2019

For Cops Who Stalk Children on Houso Estates, Cordite 93: Peach, 2019

Grandmother Ghosts, Cordite 89: Domestic, 2019

Life writing

Communing With Uncle Kev Through The Archives, 1991-2021, Liminal Nonfiction Anthology, Pantera Press, 2022 (forthcoming)

Dear Future Mykaela / who are we now, The Stories We Tell Ourselves, Spread the Word UK x The Wheeler Centre & Melbourne City of Literature, 2021

West Footscray Factory Fire (an apocalypse), The Victorian Writer: Oct-Nov, 2019

But You Don’t Look Aboriginal, Growing Up Indigenous in Australia, 2018 & The Stringer, 2014


Everywhen – against The Power of Now, Griffith Review 76: Acts of Reckoning, 2022 (forthcoming)

TT Zion, Lost Tablets by Jan van Schaik, 2022 (forthcoming)

Everywhen in Everything: reading Carpentaria like an Aboriginal writer, Reading Like an Australian Writer, NewSouth Publishing, 2021

The Land is The Law: on climate fictions and relational thinking, Art + Australia 57.1: Multinaturalism, 2021

Research & scholarly work

Introducing Blackfella Futurism, a theory of sovereignty for country, community and culture, The Routledge Handbook of Co-futurisms, 2022 (forthcoming)

Goori Futurism: envisioning the sovereignty of country, community and culture in the Tweed, Doctor of Arts creative project and exegesis, University of Sydney, 2021

Literature Review: towards a best practise recovery program for Indigenous family and domestic violence, Wollumbin Family Support Inc, 2020

Goori Futurism: envisioning the sovereignty of Minjungbal-Nganduwal country, community and culture through speculative fiction, Science Fiction Research Association Review 330: Fall, 2019

Living and Dying Countries: ecocide, consciousness and agency in First Nations futurism, Postcolonial Studies Association Newsletter 21: Decolonising Speculative Fiction, 2018

Yarning with Minjungbal Women: transgenerational trauma and healing explored through relationships with country and culture, community and family, Master of Education (research) thesis, University of Sydney, 2014

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