an anthology of blackfella speculative fiction

The first-ever anthology of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander speculative fiction – written, curated, edited and designed by blackfellas, for blackfellas and about blackfellas. In these stories, ‘this all come back’: all those things that have been taken from us, that we collectively mourn the loss of, or attempt to recover and revive, as well as those that we thought we’d gotten rid of, that are always returning to haunt and hound us.

Some writers summon ancestral spirits from the past, while others look straight down the barrel of potential futures, which always end up curving back around to hold us from behind. Dazzling, imaginative and unsettling, THIS ALL COME BACK NOW centres and celebrates communities and culture. It’s a love letter to kin and country, to memory and future-thinking.


THIS ALL COME BACK NOW compiled and curated by Koori scholar and writer Mykaela Saunders lays bare the limits of western rationalism and claims to objective knowledge. Western science and rationality become the objects of scepticism and ridicule for their attempts to ‘discover’ what for many has already been found and known for millennium, like the continent of Australia. The singularity of binaries and notions of universal truths are savaged and dismantled through the power of local knowledges, parallel existences, life-forms other than human, and alternative planes of being. In This All Come Back Now, Saunders commits a radical act of subversion, and intellectual sovereignty by transforming a genre that has defined Western attitudes towards race, colonialism, and technology into a vehicle of First Nations continuance, resilience, and resistance.” – Associate Professor Jeanine Leane