Mykaela Saunders
Cicatrix 1 (that which is taken/that which remains) by SJ Norman. Mannahatta, Lenapehoking/New York City, 2019. Photo by Ricardo Martinez Roa.

I’m open to all and any invitations that excite me – especially creative collaborations, as well as commissions to write, speak, and perform.°

To protect my spirit from the ravages of exposure, I prioritise paid work and consultation.

Please get in touch by filling out this form, or emailing my first name dot my surname at gmail dot com.

° Speaking Protocol

Amplifying Indigenous voices is a meaningful way to honour our knowledges – but to do this well, organisers should prioritise place-based expertise. This involves investing in local communities: building respectful relationships, uplifting local people, and making sure their wisdom is accessible.

In this spirit, please follow good decolonial praxis when inviting me to speak from a cultural standpoint:

• First, consider whether you are looking for any Aboriginal voice, or my voice in particular.
• If any Aboriginal voice will do, uphold the sovereignty of the people on whose lands the event will be held by offering this opportunity to any appropriate local mob.
• If my particular knowledge set is called for, or in the case that there are no suitable local mob available, please consider creating a paid opportunity for a community member to speak at the event in addition to me.
• Ensure community inclusion by offering dedicated audience tickets to the event, and advertise this on all media releases.

All event organisers are encouraged to commit to these practises.

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